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Winners of our "Playhouse Award"
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December 2005
Luuk's Travel Site  Gold
San Miquel  Gold
Red Skies  Silver
Monella Persians  Silver
Bent Metal Forge  Silver
Cops Retreat Community And Chat  Bronze
Thinking Is Believing  Merit

November 2005
JerryD's Site  Gold
Tim's Spider Corner  Gold
Blue Crab Almanac   Gold
Firestarter Pyrography  Gold
Bullygraphics  Gold
Arcanelife   Gold
Serenity   Gold
Fun Tyme Entertainment Awards Program  Gold
Gurustu's Words of Wisdom  Silver
Jonathan's Corner   Silver
Campbell County Tn Local History Network  Bronze
All Aboard N Scale Trains  Bronze
The Oceans Below  Merit

October 2005
Calliope Bouvier Des Flandres  Gold
Marseille Prospective Lions Club  Gold
Animation Gold Free Clipart Animation  Gold
A Gadzillion Things To Think About  Silver
Santhosh's Marine Website  Silver
1TwoFree for Me!  Silver
Down Home Harriers  Silver
Jack A. Neal, Photographer  Silver
Felix Bongers Web Page  Silver
A Place In The Sun  Bronze
Keyboards for Christ Music Program  Bronze
Angela Lockhart Designs  Merit
Betty C. Jung's Web Site  Merit
Crystal Bridal Veils  Merit

September 2005
SW Photography  Gold
Ciosbahn  Gold
Chenoa German Shepherds  Gold
New Mexico Book Coop  Silver
Pelaqita Persians  Silver  Bronze
The Rookies  Bronze

August 2005
Machiavelli   Gold
Rabid Software  Gold
Lookinglass Works Visionary & Spiritual Art   Silver
Lincoln District Scout Band   Silver
We Can't Lose, LLC  Silver
Pocono Mountain Arts Council  Bronze

July 2005
AK Productions  Silver
The History of Laurel Wreath  Silver
Riga and Latvia  Silver
Canton Chow Chows  Silver
Transcends, Inc.   Bronze
Scott's World  Bronze
All The Right Grooves  Merit

June 2005
It's Wishcraft   Gold
Ristorante Mario Uva  Silver
Incredible India  Silver
The Scoliosis Tree  Bronze
Chenoa German Shepherd  Bronze

May 2005
Portraits by John Burton  Gold
Evan Interactive  Gold  Gold
House on Fire  Silver
Turmoil Leads to Hope  Bronze
Personal Page of Nishanthi Sivanandanayagam  Merit
Subway of Montreal  Merit

April 2005
Fun Tyme Entertainment  Gold
My Siquijor  Gold
JerryD's Site  Gold
Chinese New Year Customs and Culture  Silver
Firestarter Pyrography  Silver
Liza Kliko`s official website  Bronze
Fishing Around Singapore Angler Hotspots  Bronze
SPWbooks   Bronze
ELAC Auctioneers and Appraisers LLC  Merit
Central Oklahoma Ringers & Directors  Merit

March 2005
A Scoff an' Scuff   Gold
Felix Bongers Web Page  Gold
Gurustu's Words of Wisdom  Gold
Snow-White Dove  Gold
The Sherman Theater  Gold
Diska's Photos  Gold
St.Mathews United Methodist Church On-line   Gold
Daniele Jaquillard, a contemporary French Painter   Gold
The Beat Post International  Silver
Matt Wallace's The Compleat Heretic   Silver
The Ghosts of Silence  Silver
Carlos Atanes "Mind On-Line"  Silver
Penguin Goodies  Bronze
The Seagull Who Was Afraid To Fly Book     Bronze
Doggie Dog World  Bronze

February 2005 as viewed by bobbi jo  Gold
Franzis Reptilien  Gold
Mirol Art Invest  Silver
Sue's Signatures  Silver
Geer's Country  Silver
Tribute To My Ancestors   Silver
Imagick  Bronze

January 2005
Lexi's Animation Attic  Gold
Anema Online  Gold
Joe Kohl: Cartoonist/Illustrator  Gold
Oklahoma Casting  Silver
JimsJems Castle  Bronze