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Playhouse Award Program Criteria

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Please note that the judges decision is final.  We will not reconsider our decision rendered at the time we notify you.  If you wish to not accept our award, be kind and please notify us.  You may re-apply after 60 days of our decision should you make changes to your site  that would meet our criteria for a higher award or to qualify for our award.


  • You are younger than 18 years old....Sorry !!

  • Site contains illegal, hateful or obscene information, absolutely no adult sites or sites that have any "adult"

  • Sites not in English or does not have an English translation because we can only read English...Sorry!

  • Site that display "Under Construction" on pages, have blank pages or coming soon. In other words, just not completed pages!

  • No privacy policy if information of any kind is collected.  

  • Your site takes control of our browser, crashes our browser, freezes the browser or won't let us out of your site.

  • Pop ups that are under your control.  Free servers are ok.

  • Right-click disabled.   If someone wants to copy your graphics or information that isn't going to stop them but it stops us from reviewing your site in depth.   

  • We do not evaluate sites with trailing cursors.  Cute but annoying!
  • Site must be viewable at 800x600 and 1024x768 screen resolutions without a horizontal scroll.
  • No area for displaying your awards, if you have not received awards yet you still should have a page for awards.   If we can't find your award area you are immediately disqualified! Why bother to apply for awards if you aren't going to post them.

  • No group sites such as MSN that require you to join to view pages. 

  • No sites that require a password or that you have to give information to obtain the site. 

  • You didn't read our criteria!!

  • No password or incorrect password in the application.

  • No way to turn the music off on sites that have music.

  • If you do not wish to accept this award and do not post on your site within 30 days, you will be removed as a winner.

  • All decisions are final!!


  • Your site should have at least 5 quality pages of content other than your awards pages and link pages.

  • Your site should be free from vulgar language or topics; sexism; intolerance; bigotry and pornography. Absolutely NO ADULT sites will be considered for these awards.

  • Content should be informative, accurate in both content and spelling and background and font colors should compliment each other and be easy to read. 

  • Right click should not be disabled.

  • External links should always open in a new windowInternal links should always open in the same window    

  • Privacy Policy should be posted if you collect any information even just a request for email. If you collect information from your visitors, you should not only have a privacy policy but should post a link to the compliance with  COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Act)
  • Always give your visitors a way to contact you, if you have a form give an alternative email to contact if form doesn't work.  
  • Site should load reasonably fast.  All of your graphics should load fully.

  • No pop up banners other than what is not under your control.

  • Word to include as the password (note this does change often) "fun to surf"

  • You must have a link page to awards won on your home page and agree to post our link.

 Our judges will evaluate your website in detail and notify you of our decision within 3 weeks from the date of receipt of your application.   Maximum points of 10 can be obtained.

The decision of the judges is final.

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Updated 01/26/2006


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