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Playhouse Award Self -Test

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Yes No
Your site have at least 5 quality pages?
Your site has a way for visitors to contact you besides your form?
Site is in english or have an enlgish translation?
Your site's spelling and grammar correct?
If you collect information does your site have a privacy policy?
If your site is a personal site,  does it have good content besides "all about me"
Does your site have a central them to it and not numerous categories that don't follow a theme?
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Yes No
Do your site's background and colors compliment each other and are easy to read? Are your fonts easy to read?
Do the text and images compliment each other?
Does your site and graphics load reasonably fast?
All of your graphics load without broken images?
Pages load without errors.
Page titles are easily viewable in browser "page title" bar.
Your site  has a top button on long pages?
Your site  validates? This is a recommendation not a strict requirement at this time.
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Yes No
Does your site have a navigation menu on each page?
Do your visitors have to use the browser "back" button to return to a previous page?  
Do your external links open in a new window?
Do you have less than 4 broken links and no internal broken links?
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Other Factors

Yes No
You are 18 years of age or OLDER?
Your site do NOT contain illegal, hateful, offensive or obscene information, adult or gambling   (Answer "yes" if it does not)
Are all your pages complete and you do not have "under construction" pages on your site? (Answer "yes" if it does not)
Is your site viewable in all the main browsers (Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox required for award, Netscape 7, Safari, Opera also preferred)?,
Will viewing your site crash our browser or take control of our browser?
You have an awards page for posting awards, even if you have not received awards yet?
You do NOT have "right click" disabled?  (Answer "yes" if it does not)
You have read the criteria and found the password
You have checked the "yes" box for every query on this page.
Total: Total:

We will notify within 2 weeks of the judges decision.

Did you check  'No' as a response to any questions? If you did, re-check your answers and if correct check the subject matter to correct prior to applying for an award .  All answers should be "NO"

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