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Please note we have suspended our awards program (November 2007) until we can implement a more streamlined application process.

This is not a "give away" award !  Your site must be worthy of winning the award.  If you win the award, you've earned it and you can be sure that your site is a site of excellence.

You've worked really hard to create the most wonderful website and now you would  like to get a little recognition for all your hard work.  We know how many hours of work goes into making that fantastic site.

Animation Playhouse would like to reward those truly outstanding websites with our award for creativity, design and excellent navigation skills. Our award is open to both business and personal sites.

We offer a gold, silver, bronze and merit award for sites that excel in web design, layout, content and navigation.

We have a criteria that we expect you to read to be sure your website will qualify for our award before you submit your information for consideration.  If you haven't read the criteria and disqualification's you lessen your chance of winning our award.  By reading the criteria and disqualification's you may find ways to improve your site if it does not meet the criteria.  Remember that if you do not win our award it does not mean you have a great site, it just does not meet our criteria. 

We will notify within 2 weeks of the judges decision.

Please read our privacy policy.

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